Every day is a school day

Monday 24 August 2020
Joe Lamberti smiling and holding certificate

This month’s blog is from one of our new rising stars, Workshop Technician Joe Lamberti. A very cheeky and sociable employee who is always ready to lend a hand with a constant smile on his face, except when you try to take a photo of him.


It is crazy to think that I have been a part of the CPH2 family for nearly two months, as the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun”! I joined the company not even knowing what an electrolyser was let alone how it produced hydrogen. It’s been a steep learning curve so far.


Since my induction, I have been presented with countless opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing ones. I am working alongside some incredibly talented colleagues who have enriched my experience by sharing their industry knowledge as well as their field-specific practices to enhance my journey further within CPH2.


Recently, as part of my learning I attended a two-day ECITB course at CATCH in Immingham, with the snappy title of ‘SBT01 – Assemble and Install Small Bore Tubing with Twin Ferrule Mechanical Grip Fittings’. This was the start of what I hope will be the first of many qualifications. Over the two days our trainer Keith Eddom, covered everything from the health and safety of fitting, installation and identification, industry best-practice for both bending and assembling the tubing, and any fittings that may be required. Whilst on face value this may seem like a lot to fit in over a two-day course, as a complete novice in small bore tubing, I could not have asked for more.


What was fantastic about the course was how the theoretical and mathematical learning integrated so well into the practical applications of the course.


The theory-based induction explained the safe practices and dangers of small-bore tubing, before then going onto explain how fittings and bending practices were carried out. This was followed by some hands-on practice to carry out tasks in the onsite workshop.


The most challenging aspect of the course for me was the tubing calculations and having to account for things like adjustment gain and offset length. Keith was great at breaking down the steps of the mathematical equations and was generous with his time for both me and other trainees spending time with us on a one-to-one basis, ensuring we understood the theory behind the practice.


After successfully passing the tests we were each presented with our certificates, which will now have pride of place on my mum’s believers and achieverswall (I realise that sounds exotic, in reality, it’s a small wedge of the fridge door, sandwiched between her shopping list, a dentist appointment from 3 years ago and a Lamberti ‘Benidorm 2009 – I wish you were here’ magnet)


But joking aside, the course was great, and I would just like to take the time to thank CATCH, especially Keith, and the rest of the team here at CPH2 for giving me the opportunity, I hope it won’t be that last!