Hydrogen generating equipment in workshop without cabinet

Our equipment design is highly flexible and can be tailored to specific requirements for operation in the chosen markets. CPH2’s hydrogen systems provide a viable, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable alternative to existing green hydrogen producing technologies:

  • Environmentally-friendly, only using electricity and water 

  • Design life is 20-25 years mitigating early failure

  • Virtually eliminates the use of rare/precious metals and optimises the use of recyclable components

  • Oxygen is a valued by-product

  • The system is significantly less expensive than its 'membrane' competitors

  • Operations and maintenance are low cost and straight forward

  • Manufactured in standard facilities, no "clean rooms" required

  • Adopting a paradigm shift of safety in hydrogen production


Membrane-Free Electrolyser Model MFE03 MFE30 MFE220
Stack (cell voltage) efficiency up to 78% up to 78% up to 78%
Max. hydrogen production (kg) 6.1 kg/24hr 59 kg/24hr 449 kg/24hr
Hydrogen purity (at stated dew point) 99.50% 99.50% 99.50%
Max. oxygen production (kg) 48.8 kg/24hr 472 kg/24hr 3 592 kg/24hr
Dynamic range 20 to 100% 10 to 100% 10 to 100%
Life cycle design 200 000 hrs 200 000 hrs 200 000 hrs
Input power 18 kVA 140 kVA 1050 kVA
Membrane-Free Electrolyser Model
Stack (cell voltage) efficiency
Max. hydrogen production (kg)
Hydrogen purity (at stated dew point)
Max. oxygen production (kg)
Dynamic range
Life cycle design
Input power
up to 78%
6.1 kg/24hr
48.8 kg/24hr
20 to 100%
200 000 hrs
18 kVA
up to 78%
59 kg/24hr
472 kg/24hr
10 to 100%
200 000 hrs
140 kVA
up to 78%
449 kg/24hr
3 592 kg/24hr
10 to 100%
200 000 hrs
1050 kVA

Our Markets

Decarbonisation of our energy systems (electricity and gas grids) is high on the worldwide agenda. Hydrogen will replace carbon emitting coal and gas fired power plants and also act as a store to balance the instantaneous differences between supply of renewable energy and demand from consumers. 

Supermarkets, shops, data centres, offices, hospitals and many more buildings can become eco-friendly by powering their environments and back-up power systems with hydrogen.

With climate change delivering more and more unpredictable weather our food chain is also affected. Too little rain, too much rain, long periods of frost and snow all ruin crops and produce less yield. Using hydrogen and oxygen for growing plants without soil can enhance the growth time and promote vegetation that is algae free.

Hydrogen means zero-emissions. Cars, buses, trucks, trains can all be converted to use hydrogen as a fuel. Off-road vehicles and equipment such as forklift trucks, airport ground support equipment, agricultural machinery and generators can all be hydrogen fuelled for the future. Eliminating carbon and noise pollution.

Large manufacturing facilities can install their own local hydrogen generating plant and by using renewable energy sources such as solar or wind can produce green hydrogen for their own businesses. 

About CPH2

Being passionate about hydrogen as clean energy for the future, we wanted to find an alternative to the current membrane electrolyser technology available on the market as these had barriers to adoption. We realised that the cleanest way to produce hydrogen was by membrane-free water electrolysis and in doing so it would be a less expensive and more robust technology.

Dr. Nigel Williamson and Joe Scott established CPH2 (Ireland) in December 2012 with the ambition to help clean up the environment for our children and future generations. Entering the green technology sector; a high growth and profitable market, they developed a Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ to produce hydrogen faster, more reliably, and more cost-effectively than the incumbent methods.