We are more than just hydrogen

Friday 01 May 2020
man science mind map book cogs, molecules, leaves

We believe that we have some of the best hydrogen and energy sector experience and knowledge within the CPH2 team, but it’s not just about hydrogen or sector specific experience. By looking outside, the box and valuing a wide breadth and diversity of technical knowledge, we can innovate and further improve our green hydrogen production technology.

Dr. Palma Gonzalez Garcia the Innovation & Technical Insight Manager at CPH2 is our resident expert in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Explosion Dynamics, and Flame Mitigation with a PhD in aerodynamics. As part of her studies, she has had two papers published in a book entitled ‘Advances in Effective Flow Separation Control for Aircraft Drag Reduction’. The book is a culmination of a European-Chinese study on Manipulation of Reynolds Stress for Separation Control and Drag Reduction (MARS).

Our other doctor is Technology Director and Co-founder Dr. Nigel D.L. Williamson, who amongst his many qualifications has a PhD in mechanical engineering. His early hydrogen experience and knowledge stem from his development of technologies to seal fluids at extreme pressures for various industries including aerospace, construction, and automotive. 

You can find out more about the specialist technical knowledge that we have by downloading our Technical Experience document here.

What a clever team we have!